• Lets talk about Salesforce

    As we know all languages has thier quirks and odd/unexpected/undefined behaviours. Gary Bernhardt pointed out some of those in his lighting talk.

    As i’m currently tided up to Slaveforce Salesforce and in my opinion there is lots things to fix and improve. I’ll put here some of inconsistances in code and it’s behaviour. If you know more of them, give me a shout.

    “Lest talk about salesforce” :)

  • Rails support for UUID

    PostgreSQL is almost popular as SQLite as a database backend for Rails applications. Some of them uses uuid-ossp extension to change type of column id to uuid. It’s common knowledge that uuid breaks references column type when you want to reflect table relations in migration files. Actually it’s not.

  • Slightly advanced deployment workflow

    Over 5 years ago Vincent Driessen shared with us his well established git workflow. It’s very robust and simple (when you wrap your head around it). It almost perfectly fits into agile methodologies. In one of my past projects it was easy to drop in along with migrating from svn to git, and include it to existing Continuous Integration system. And everyone was happy. How about more recent one? Happily not so easy. That’s good i like challenges.

  • Title goes here

    Yeah, that’s pretty much it when you try to find topic to speak about. Especially when you try to find it by yourself. But hey, you’re not lonely island. It’s ok to snag an idea or two from someone’s else blog. That’s because you’ll use different point of view on the topic. It’s called inspiration. And that’s how i came up with this subject that i’ll try to push to few places.

  • Rails Sandbox

    In previous post i scratched the topic of managing and sharing your development environment. By using Vagrant to manage virtual machines and one of provision tools you can setup configurable environment. Furthermore you can setup your production machine to match this configuration. Lets roll up our sleeves and set it up.