• Technical decisions about my blog

    Another thing that I was thinking about while deciding that I will bet back to writing was how this should be hosted. There was few possibilities that I was considering. One of them was self-hosted Wordpress. This would give most possibilities of configuration and integrating already created solutions and plugins if needed. And I know this would eat up a lot of time for me to set up everything before I write some articles.

  • What has happened over last year

    Hello again. Long time no see. More like one year, because previous post is about having some break in writing so it doesn’t count for me as a proper one! As you can guess already, I’ve lost some interests in writing technical stuff. There is really no good reason for it but laziness and lack of motivation. I would like to change that.

  • Places i write to

    Once in a while there is a break down. At least i have it from time to time. I had few more or less successful attempts to write a blog. By looking at the dates you can see that there’s another gap in posts. To break the charm i’ll tell you about places that my articles.

  • Offline DIY fun

    How much fun is buying new gadget? Just go to shop, pick something that you definitely don’t need but want and buy it. But did you ever wonder how much fun do you get from making such thing? Like RC model? Like flying multirotor (common name is drone)? No? So “Stay Awhile and Listen”.

  • Rails Sandbox Take 2: The Docker

    Few posts ago i wrote about rails sandbox and isolated development environment using Vagrant and Chef Solo. But there’s more options available. One of them is gets more and more traction and gains popularity. It’s the Docker.