Once in a while there is a break down. At least i have it from time to time. I had few more or less successful attempts to write a blog. By looking at the dates you can see that there’s another gap in posts. To break the charm i’ll tell you about places that my articles.

Beginner’s “Dump”

It was quite a while ago, 7th May 2012 to be exact. I was in the middle of Bachelor’s degree and obviously i had too much time and almost nothing to do. This place was mostly brain dump storage. I placed there some informations about my Bachelors thesis, some side projects and some random bits and pieces.

This place is mostly abandoned. Courtesy of Wordpress platform is still hosted and served to the world. And surprisingly it’s visited on average once a day. Perhaps it’s because it’s in polish? Regardless yay for me :D

Current “Dump”

As time goes by after leaving previous blog in the void of internet i thought that i can write again. And this place happened. And as i wrote in first post i’ll try to challenge myself and write in english. As you can see it has more tech and IT related articles as previous one.

In here you can find things related to IT projects that are planned, work in progress or voided (stored in /dev/null if you’re more tech savvy). In my plans this blog will be updated from time to time. Original assumption that i’ll write here once a month isn’t fulfilled that i would like to. But hey, nothing is lost in this regard.

Business “Dump”

Few months ago company that i’m currently working for decided to start own blog. And i decided that i can have some win-win situation. I thought that i’ll be motivated to write for them and i’ll reuse those writings and place them here. As you can imagine posts are published only on company s blog because of my laziness.

Out there i write for business analysis section. Can you imagine that mostly back-end developer is writing for BA? Ok let’s agree on something. It’s more It came to me out of the blue and i managed to write a few times. Hopefully i’ll find more topic and continue to write there.

What’s more?

Knowing that my first blog still has some views it’s tempting for me to try to revive it. Or take it’s idea and have a place to keep all non-IT articles in there. Or i’ll utilize this lovely platform and become medium :) Who knows?

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