Hello again. Long time no see. More like one year, because previous post is about having some break in writing so it doesn’t count for me as a proper one! As you can guess already, I’ve lost some interests in writing technical stuff. There is really no good reason for it but laziness and lack of motivation. I would like to change that.


Over the last year I have participated in local community of makers and hackers in Hackerspace Lublin foundation. We had some problems with financing ourselves. That’s because we solely depend on donations from our community. That community consists of me, I, myself, Marcin, Łukasz and Kamil. As you can see it’s a lot of folks to manage, push them to make donations and try to push them to progress in their projects.

Additionally we had to change our space to cheaper one because of obvious reasons, we had no money to pay for it. Currently we live in basement near Lublin University of Technology with costs that are more suitable for our possibilities. Next issues to solve are: lack of spare time to donate to Hackerspace, more projects to start and finish (more probably stall, drop, or forget about), try to lure some college students to us and inspire them to stay longer with us.

It doesn’t seems much but for sure it will be stretched in time because of getting involved in Hackerspace is our spare time activity. And believe or not we have life to manage :)

Get Noticed!

In weekend 2 weeks ago there was end of bloging competition for polish developers called Get Noticed or “Daj się poznać” (or DSP in short) if you know polish language. It’s great opportunity to get some traction in our ongoing pet projects or start a pet project and in addition to start writing blog. This year was 3rd edition of this project and there was around 1000 blogs that were registered for DSP2017. Full list of participants and their blogs and projects is available at http://uczestnicy.dajsiepoznac.pl/lista.

I didn’t took part in this years edition because of reasons that I don’t know about. Just did not. In opposition to that I took part in Final Gala as spectator and I was inspired. Almost of all finalists started their own blogs because of this competition. Selected few of them had an opportunity to give talk about their projects, about their experience of writing blog, or any other topic that was important to them during that time. It was like triple- or event quad-win for them. Start a project, start blog, give talk and get noticed in community! I was amazed of how much success you can achieve in such short period of time. Of course with a little push of Maciej Aniserowicz, who’s becoming a celebrity of polish developers.

So after that event and talks with participants of DSP I’ve decided to reactivate this place. Start writing some articles regardless if they will be technical or not. Just get them written and published. Just get this post published in consistent manner.


If I want to do this properly I need to be consistent. For over a decade I get used to one word which for whatever, unknown for me now, reason has stuck with me. This nickname is companion of my from mid-school and I use it wherever and whenever I want to mark my ground. I use it as my handle almost everywhere, IRC, Twitter, Instagram, forums, etc. Event if I’m not currently active at some place in the internet.

Why not use it as my domain. (Right now I’m a little bit struggling with domain and Github to behave nicely but it’ll be solved!) As my place in vast internet. Why not. Let’s do this.

I’ll try to reserve this word as login, username or nickname for reasons. Mostly because it’s mine and only mine :) My little precious :) Wherever you see someone who call himself “vircung” you have almost 100% guarantee that’s me!

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